November 2008

Where is my church?

I grew up in a Southern fundamentalist preacher’s family, and as a 12-year-old declared that God had called me to be a preacher. But then, decades ago, I decided that I couldn’t possibly be a Christian if being a Christian meant being intolerant, bigoted, and hypocritical, if it meant being unconcerned about poverty and racism, disdaining the protection of God’s creation, and worshipping massive, organized violence in defense of a bloated and unjust empire.

The Passing of Oscar the Poodle

Oscar died early on Saturday morning. Oscar was our elderly black standard poodle, and a dear heart. The proximate cause of death was bloating, but the real cause was old, old age. Oscar was 14 years old, a dignified and respectable age for a sizable dog. Relatively sizable, that is. Oscar was quite tall for a dog, and from the side he looked imposing when his hair was grown out and poufy. Nonetheless, he was only an inch or so wide, and when you viewed him from the front or rear he virtually disappeared.