July 2009

Three Amigos

Pastor Don Mackenzie, Rabbi Ted Falcon and Sheikh Jamal Rahman, authors of "Getting to the Heart of Interfaith," continue their humorous approach to deepening the wisdom of their spiritual traditions.

Voices Education Project

Andrew Himes was the executive producer of Voices in Wartime: an acclaimed feature-length documentary now available on DVD. He is now a member of the board of Voices Education Project.

View the experience of war through powerful images and the words of poets, soldiers, journalists, historians and experts on combat from around the world. Learn how the experience of war extends beyond national borders and into the depth of the human soul.

About Revival

I'm envisioning a new kind of revival. I believe we may be entering the most dangerous century in human history, but also a century replete with hopeful possibilities and enormous opportunities to create a peaceful, global, diverse and sustainable human community. Meeting these challenges will require a reconnection between our spiritual selves and public lives.

Revival is a postmodern journey from despair and rage, in a new exodus, to a revolution of hope.