February 2010

Q: What is this blog all about? A: Creating charitable giving plans that work

The premise of this blog is that you don't have to be super wealthy to be a thoughtful participant in building community wealth.  In the same way our investment returns are higher if we "pick a winner," our charitable giving dollars will produce more impact if we create a strategic giving plan and then manage it to follow those opportunities that generate the best results.

Cameron Penny's poem

If you are lucky in this life,
A window will appear on a battlefield between two armies.
And when the soldiers look into the window
They don’t see their enemies.
They see themselves as children.
And they stop fighting
And go home and go to sleep. When they wake up, the land is well again.

Cameron Penny's If You Are Lucky in This Life was originally published in the November/December 2001 issue of North American Review. Marie Howe reads his poem in the film Voices in Wartime.