October 2010


We're in Italy for two weeks on vacation with a couple of friends. We've been staying for the past few days in Bologna, an extraordinarily beautiful city in the north of Italy. Bologna is the home of the oldest University in Europe, and students have attended classes in some of the lecture rooms for almost a thousand years. Bologna is also a city of porticos, covered walkways along the streets that shelter walkers and talkers from the elements. There are over 35 km of these porticos in the central, oldest part of the city. And Bologna is a city of churches.

Veteran-Civilian Dialogue - Seattle report

This past weekend the Voices Education Project hosted two significant events in Seattle connected with an important new project – Veteran-Civilian Dialogue (VCD).  A VCD brings together an equal number of veterans and civilians for a facilitated event that revolves around story-telling and deep listening.

Popcorn and Baseball

Mr. Parks was an old man who lived with his sister in a big yellow house next door to us on College Avenue in Wheaton, Illinois. On frequent summer nights beginning when I was eight years old, Mr.