December 2010

Affection and Respect

Now that the Black Nativity show is finished (we had our last performance on Sunday) and I am no longer singing in the choir every two days or so, I can rest a bit and reflect on what I've learned over the past 6 weeks. I know I'll cherish the experience of singing these amazing gospel songs with a talented African-American choir, and being on stage with a dozen stunning dancers and five extraordinary musicians. But what will remain with me as deep life lessons are remarks made by two of the directors of Black Nativity.

Surprise Christmas Concert on the Ferry!

One of the great joys of my life this year is that I'm singing as a member of the choir in the African-American musical play written by Langston Hughes, Black Nativity, running at the Moore Theater in Seattle through December 26th. I even get to sing a little solo on "This Little Light of Mine"(!), and the whole experience has been a revelation for me.