Save Me? Get Ready For Religious Reality TV!

My friend Jim Henderson has an idea for an interesting experiment. What would happen if you took several people, all of whom have strong and perhaps mutually exclusive sets of beliefs about God, religion, faith, or spirituality, plus a desire to convert others to their beliefs, and asked them to live together for several weeks in full view of a few million people? Interested? How about applying to be part of it?

"Shall the Historians Win?" by Paul Harvey

A new review of The Sword of the Lord by historian Paul Harvey (Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, 1992) who researches and writes in the field of post-Civil War American History. His particular interests include southern history, American religious history, popular culture, war and society, and the history of American music.

What I've learned (so far) about book publishing

solMy book The Sword of the Lord: The Roots of Fundamentalism in an American Family was published by Chiara Press on May 15th of 2011. In other words, for the first time the book was available to an audience beyond my family and the circle of friends who gave me support and feedback throughout the writing process.

Taking My Grandmother into My Heart

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I was born into a prominent fundamentalist family in 1950 and then grew up in the midst of cultural turmoil and massive social change. My granddad was John R. Rice, famous evangelist and editor of the influential Sword of the Lord newspaper, and my grandmother was Lloys Cooke Rice.


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