Jerry Falwell

A fundamentalist reviews "The Sword of the Lord"

Subtitled The Roots of Fundamentalism in an American Family, this book deals with the historical background which gave rise to Fundamentalism, the culture of Fundamentalism, the battles of Fundamentalism, and the relationship of all of these to the Rice family. Andrew Himes, grandson of famed evangelist John R. Rice, writes with amazing honesty about his feelings and struggles with Fundamentalism. Each chapter opens with some sort of personal anecdote before delving into the history, happenings, ideas, and personalities of Fundamentalism.

The Book

A clear-eyed yet compassionate history of American Southern fundamentalism over three centuries through the lens of the author's family experience. The author's grandfather was John R. Rice, founder of the Sword of the Lord newspaper, evangelist, author of scores of books, and mentor to thousands of younger preachers including Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, and Bob Jones, Jr.