About Andrew

Andy at 1 year old

Welcome! I'm the executive director of Charter for Compassion International, and the author of The Sword of the Lord: The Roots of Fundamentalism in an American Family (Chiara Press, May 2011). 

I was born into one of the leading fundamentalist families of the 20thcentury. My grandfather was John R. Rice, dean of American fundamentalists for decades until his death in 1980, and mentor to many younger Baptist preachers including Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell, as well as founding editor of The Sword of the Lord newspaper.  My great-grandfather, Will Rice, was a preacher, a Texas State senator, and a member of the Ku Klux Klan. By the time I was four, I had been saved; by the time I was 17, I’d turned my back on the career as a Baptist preacher expected of me, becoming  instead an activist in the anti-war and civil rights movements of the 60s.   Only later in life did I begin a spiritual journey to reconnect with and redefine my family’s spiritual heritage.    

himesI was founding editor of MacTech, the premiere journal of Macintosh software development, was an Internet pioneer at Microsoft, co-founded the Microsoft Developer Network, led the first web development project in the history of the company, and then managed the platform web team that produced the sites for all of Microsoft’s operating systems, browsers, development tools, and technologies.  After leaving Microsoft, I was co-founder of the international movement, Poets Against the War, in 2003 and produced of the acclaimed 2005 documentary, Voices in Wartime, an exploration of the trauma of war through the lens of poetry. I was the founder of Voices, a web site dedicated to teaching peace and compassion, and co-founder of the Compassionate Action Network.

The Charter for Compassion International is devoted to supporting the emergence of a global movement to place compassion at the center of every human community, insitution, and relationship.

Andrew Himes