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Taking My Grandmother into My Heart

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I was born into a prominent fundamentalist family in 1950 and then grew up in the midst of cultural turmoil and massive social change. My granddad was John R. Rice, famous evangelist and editor of the influential Sword of the Lord newspaper, and my grandmother was Lloys Cooke Rice.

The Funeral of John R. Rice (and My Dinner with Jerry Falwell)

“THE SWORD OF THE LORD…and of John R. Rice.”—from the masthead of John R. Rice’s newspaper, which began publication in 1935. The following is an excerpt from Andrew Himes' book, The Sword of the Lord: The Roots of Fundamentalism in an American Family.

An amazing account of a journey

Dear Andy -- I just finished reading the book today (I got bogged down making notes) and finally decided to just READ... At chapter 17 the book began to "soar" for me;  I couldn't put it down until I finished.  You have done a beautiful job. Some will be angry at what you share but many hearts will be touched.  Perhaps you have, indeed, found what you were born to do! 

Billy Graham moves a piano

young Billy GrahamBilly Graham was the skinniest kid Mary Lloys Rice had ever seen, and his hair was glorious. In 1940, Mary Lloys—my mom—plus her five sisters and my grandparents had moved a thousand miles north from Dallas and into their new home in Wheaton, Illinois on West Franklin Street, a big yellow frame house with white tri

A fundamentalist reviews "The Sword of the Lord"

Subtitled The Roots of Fundamentalism in an American Family, this book deals with the historical background which gave rise to Fundamentalism, the culture of Fundamentalism, the battles of Fundamentalism, and the relationship of all of these to the Rice family. Andrew Himes, grandson of famed evangelist John R. Rice, writes with amazing honesty about his feelings and struggles with Fundamentalism. Each chapter opens with some sort of personal anecdote before delving into the history, happenings, ideas, and personalities of Fundamentalism.

Podcast (Free Sample) of "The Sword of the Lord"

Introduction to The Sword of the Lord

"Christian fundamentalism in America emerged a century ago, the faith of generations of immigrants who had experienced war and revolution, removal and upheaval, and in response to the Enlightenment and the scientific revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries.


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